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Ox Box

Ox Box

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Our Ox Box is perfect for indoors or outdoors and is made with Marine Grade 316 stainless steel.

The Ox Box is 540mm x 230mm, with interchangeable grill bed, lined with firebricks and has a vented side. Great for small spaces, cooking on wood or coal.

Technical Information:

Grill bed options Straight bars, gridiron®, plancha, V-grooves
Base dimensions 540mm x 230mm
Height 242mm
Stainless steel grade 316 marine grade
Firebrick base resistant to 1200°C
Adjustable grill height? YNo
Accessories available Table Top stand – raises grill by 30mm
Base/positioning requirement Grill must be sited on a suitable heat resistant base - a stainless steel frame stand or brick/stone counter top. A metal counter top is not suitable owing to the heat which emanates from the base.

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