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Chops Box

Chops Box

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This Small-but-Mighty charcoal burning stove is the result of a collaboration between the team at Whittle and Flame and OX Grills.

Made with Marine Grade 316 stainless steel.

It makes an excellent portable BBQ for camping or a trip to the beach. With airflow control, it’s great for anything from grilling to boiling a large pan of water. It comes equipped with a handled grill for the top, as well as a small roasting tray for use beneath the fire. There is also a grill to use with this tray for grilling under the fire – we know it as the “cheese on toast grill”.

Weighing in at approximately 5.5kg and boasting a boxy cubic figure the chop box has a height, depth and width of 23cm.

Important information

  • Do no use this grill inside as charcoal releases carbon monoxide when burned.
  • This grill will become hot.
  • Do not use on top of combustible surfaces
  • Use protective gloves to handle while hot

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